Ottawa's Best Summer Camp

Not Your Average Summer Camp!

June 27th - June 30th (CLOSED JULY 1st)

Theme: Wild Water Week

School's out and nothing says it's time for summer like getting wet and wild in our fantastic water week! Water gun fights, water park field trip, and water balloons, are just a small portion of the refreshing, and exciting activities that will happen during the first week of summer camps!

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July 4th - July 8th

Theme: Lego & Puzzles

Open Up Your Mind - Create & Build. President Business has broken free and is planning an attack on Freedom Friday! Team together to defeat him! We’ll be creating, building and pushing our limits with fun and exciting challenges! Will you be able to beat President Business?

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July 11th - July 15th

Theme: Ninja Warrior

Kids will challenge themselves with new and unique obstacle courses all throughout the week, both indoors and out. Finding confidence in their accomplishments, kids will participate in races, as well as team building of their favourite course obstacles.

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July 18th - July 22nd

Theme: Super Mario

Join Mario and Luigi on their quest to save Princess Peach from Browser! Venture through Mushroom Kingdom and fight off the piranha plants and goombas. Don’t forget to collect gold coins and maybe find Yoshi along the way. “Let’s -a -go” have fun!

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July 25th - July 29th

Theme: Pokemon

Travel with us to a world of legendary Pokemon. Design your own Poke Ball, build a catapult to launch, craft a unique creature, and hatch an egg. With a Bubble Poke Battle, and a 'Catch em all' Scavenger hunt, kids will become the ultimate Pokemon Masters.

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August 2nd - 5th (Closed Civic Holiday)

Theme: Time Travellers

What would you do if you found a time machine? Let’s go on an adventure and become time travelling detectives. Wait, where’s our time machine ? Are we stuck in the past or the future .. Our week will be filled with battles, costume contests, and adventures!

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August 8th - August 12th

Theme: Star Wars: The Force

This is one of our most popular weeks with our epic Star Wars theme. Highlights: Star Wars Costume Contest, create a Star Wars Episode and of course, FORCE training!

Choose your side!

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August 15th - August 19th

Theme: Nerf Battles

Do you think you have what it takes to win the biggest NERF Battle of the summer?

This week we’ll be working on lots of skills: strategizing, battle plans, obstacle courses and most importantly TEAM WORK!

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August 22nd - August 26th

Theme: Heroes: Supers & Villains

Are you rooting for Marvel or DC? An EPIC battle is about to begin at OAMA this camp week!

Be a part of a super team this week - superhero training, learning about real life heroes.

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August 29th - September 2nd

Theme: Zombie invasion

A combination of Zombie education and special training with our Nerf Weapons on how to destroy the Zombie Nation. Highlights: Nerf Weapons training, Zombie Nation Mission Objectives, Epic Zombie vs. Humans battle.

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Summer Camp Prices

$50 non-refundable deposit is required at time of registration. The date of payment for deposit will secure your discounted price. The remaining fee is due 7 days before your child attends camp. Unused deposits may be credited toward other services.

Before January 17th, 2022

Save $100

Per Week

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Before February 28th, 2022

Save $85

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Before April 3rd, 2022

Save $55

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Discount Codes

Family Discounts

2nd child: 10% off regular price - Code "FAMILY10"

3rd child: 15% off regular price - Code "FAMILY15"

*any additional child will receive 20% off the regular price - Code "FAMILY20"

After School Program Rates

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